The New PocketDoc™

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Made More Portable

For over two decades, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) has been proven to promote healing in many types of wounds. Now Pensar Medical has developed the PocketDoc™ – a unique, single-patient-use disposable negative pressure unit that provides independence & discretion for “on-the-go” patients.

These smaller systems are lightweight, highly effective, feature ultra-quiet operation and fit discreetly into a pocket or purse.

The Longer-Lasting PocketDoc™Alaira™

Simple to operate and very portable, the PocketDoc™Alaira™ can provide negative pressure wound therapy treatment as long as needed because the batteries are replaceable with standard AA batteries. The Alaira™ can keep going again and again during its one-year warranted life.

The sleek, ergonomic design supports uninterrupted and vital negative pressure wound therapy without interfering with patients’ busy lifestyles. Designed to go unnoticed, the PocketDoc™ slips into a pocket or can be secured in its durable carrying case for patients going about their normal, everyday activities.

The PocketDoc™Alaira™ portable Wound Vac Difference

With the Alaira™, our powerful pump far surpasses the performance of other single patient disposable units while still offering whisper-quiet operation.

Safe and effective, the PocketDoc™Alaira™ portable unit delivers the same choices of negative pressure wound therapy you expect from larger, traditional control units.

For added patient protection, the PocketDoc™Alaira™ comes equipped with a subtle “lock-out” feature that virtually prohibits untrained or unauthorized users from changing the prescribed settings. It also provides visual alarms in case of a clogged line, vacuum leak or low battery power.

In addition, the PocketDoc™ is the first single-patient use negative pressure wound therapy product to offer three pressure settings: 50, 80 and 125 mmHg.*

*Recent professional NPWT research suggests that lower levels of negative pressure wound therapy are best for treating patients with poorly vascularized tissue, such as those with burns or ulcers.

Any negative pressure system is only as good as its dressings...

And that’s why we feature the state-of-the-art Enluxtra Adaptive Dressings with the Alaira™ unit. These unique, self-adaptive dressings maintain the moist environment that healing wounds need while providing superior absorption.

The PocketDoc™Alaira™ and Enluxtra dressings work together to offer advanced care for smaller wounds producing less exudate. As an added benefit, these unique dressings can help to reduce scarring after the wound is healed.

Ease of use, replaceable batteries, our one-year warranty and a larger, more powerful pump than any other single-patient system makes the Alaira™ the best, most cost-effective choice for many wound care challenges.

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