Wound Vac Rentals for surgeons, DVMs, physicians, hospitals & clinics

wound vac rentals have never been easier

The Wound Vac Company is the in-home, in-office negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) team that surgeons, DVMs and medical staff rely on for wound vac equipment and advanced support.
NPWT is our only business – it’s what we were founded to do.

We partner with one of the premier national NPWT claims experts in the country, which translates into increased success in helping your patients get their claims submitted quickly and successfully.

Insurance and Medicare Experts

If you’re a medical professional, you can rely on The Wound Vac Company to work closely with you – and to stay engaged, ensuring the best outcome for your patient.

The Wound Vac Company’s professional support staff has in-depth understanding of insurance coverage for negative pressure wound therapy, as well as NPWT best practices.

We understand that the task you entrust to us is much greater than just delivering a product. We see ourselves as members of your care team, tasked by you to deliver the prescribed NPWT products and to guide your patient through the fulfillment process.

Our guiding tenet is to help take care of patients first. Everything else is secondary.


Pensar WoundPro Wound Vac Control Unit

24-hour turnaround on most claims, with wound vacs
delivered within 48 hours
in over 85% of cases