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Dog being treated after surgery

Just as with human patients, negative pressure wound therapy can be used successfully to treat complex and/or post-surgical wounds in dogs, cats, horses and many other animals.

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Uses & Advantages of negative pressure wound therapy

Wound vacs are used for a wide variety of acute & chronic wounds in animals, including:

  • Abscesses

  • Severe burns

  • Dehisced surgical incisions

  • Skin grafts

  • Necrotizing fasciitis or severe vasculitis

In addition, our wound vacs offer many benefits for you, your care team and your patients, including:

  • Fewer bandage changes, as wound vac dressings need to be changed less often than wet-to-dry bandages

  • Faster tissue granulation, decreasing hospitalization time

  • The ability to run wound vac pressures up to 200 mmHg for horses and other large animals and as low as 40 mmHg for small dogs and cats

  • The ability to operate the control unit in continuous, intermittent and variable intermittent suction at all pressure levels

  • Better removal of bacteria, foreign material & necrotic tissue

  • Relief of pressure that can cause pain, as well as reduced inflammation

  • Easier wound monitoring to avoid potential complications

Learn more about recent studies and best practices for the use of wound vacs and surgical drains in veterinary medicine.

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