WoundPro® Collection Canisters – Features & Benefits

WoundPro® Collection Canisters for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

WoundPro® Collection Canisters

The Wound Vac Company offers a full array of collection canisters from Pensar Medical for both Basic and Advanced Series WoundPro® wound vacs.

Regardless of whether you choose the Basic or Advanced Series Canisters, your WoundPro® Control Unit will work with every size and style.This enables you the flexibility to provide basic or advanced care without having to stock
two different control units.

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Collection Canister sizes & Features

  • The WoundPro® wound vac unit will work with either a 300cc or 800cc collection canister, depending on the needs of the patient and the wound care environment

  • Each WoundPro® collection canister comes with a gelling packet inside to virtually eliminate any chance of a spill during canister changes

  • Each canister also comes equipped with a deodorizing packet. The deodorizer packet not only reduces any odors during therapy, but also helps to eliminate any residual odors which would otherwise persist after negative pressure wound therapy

  • The semi-opaque walls of the canister allow you to easily measure the level of the exudate, while obscuring the canister’s contents from casual view

  • The sleek, low profile design of the canisters helps to minimize the “institutional” and industrial look of many competitive wound vac products

  • Hydrophilic foam security ring inside the canister eliminates any fluid inadvertently exiting the canister and flowing back to the patient or into the wound vac unit

  • Can be attached or detached from the wound vac unit at the touch of a button

    • Doesn’t require dismantling or opening of the machine for canister changes

  • Can be ordered with 5’ or 8’ tubes for convenience, allowing the caregiver the freedom to place the wound vac unit virtually anywhere in the patient’s room

Built-in canister light

A built-in canister light illuminates the inside of the canister, thereby enabling you to discreetly check exudate levels, even in darkened rooms.

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