The WoundPro® Dressing Kits – Features & Benefits

WoundPro® foam is available in small, medium & large. Click to view a size chart.

Adhering to the highest standards in the healthcare market, the Basic and Advanced Series WoundPro® Foam Dressing Kits and Y-Connectors offer unsurpassed quality and the best materials available.

Dressing kits come in two styles – Basic and Advanced – for your budget and needs. See more about the differences below.

Both Basic and Advanced Dressing Kits Feature:

Hydrophobic, Medical Grade Foam

Click here for a downloadable pdf copy of our WoundPro® foam dressing size chart

Click here for a downloadable pdf copy of our WoundPro® foam dressing size chart

  • Meets all applicable standards for quality, cleanliness, specification and tolerances

    • Tested and passed for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity

    • An integral part of our FDA510(k) approval as a Class II medical device

  • Offers a pore size well within the range that is that is most advantageous for this therapy

    • Allows for adequate removal of exudate and prevents against in-growth into the foam

  • Provides excellent tensile strength

    • Virtually eliminates the chance of flaking and leaving particulate matter in the wound bed

  • Non-absorbent material

    • Allows exudate to pass through for collection in the canister and away from the wound site

New and Improved Outer Drape

  • Easy-to-apply, 3-tab pull system

  • Stronger adhesive to help prevent micro leaks

  • Clear, not opaque contact layer takes the guesswork out of proper and targeted application over the wound

  • Linear logo placement serves as guidelines for cutting into strips if needed

  • Slightly thicker material

  • Makes it easier to apply and less subject to the effects of static electricity

Our Basic series Dressing Kit

Designed exclusively to offer negative pressure
wound therapy at a more economical price


New Single Lumen StingRay Suction Bell

StingRay Single Lumen Suction Bell

  • Larger surface area to provide secure adhesion to the outer drape

  • Malleable to enable application on most any part of the anatomy

  • Eliminates the need for an additional security flange

  • Soft and forgiving with a very low profile

    • Not hard and bulky like some other suction bells

  • Easy-to-use hose clamp

    • Allows for leak-proof canister or dressing changes

Our Advanced Series Dressing Kit

Designed to offer the best and most accurate negative pressure readings and care possible

Advanced Series StingRay quick-connect feature

  • New Dual Lumen, patent-pending StingRay Suction Bell

    • Sensor line extends from the control unit to the suction bell enabling pressure measurement at the wound site

    • Provides the most accurate pressure readings when compared with other systems that measure pressure 18" to 34" away from the wound site

  • Error-proof quick-connect tubing connectors

    • Sure and confident connections will not pull out during inadvertent patient movements

    • Audible and tactile “click” ensures airtight, proper connections

    • Circular mating of connectors at ends of air tubes eliminates the need for clamps during canister or dressing changes

    • No clamps eliminates potential pressure points under the patient


Advanced Series Y-Connectors

We offer Basic and Advanced Series Y-Connectors to meet your preferences and treatment goals. These Y-Connectors are used for treating multiple wounds or larger surface areas with one wound vac unit.

Both types offer our exclusive one-way check valves to prevent wound cross-contamination.

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