Case Study: A Unique Application of Portable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

We are pleased to announce the release of the following case study on the use of the Alaira™ negative pressure device to heal a deeper-depth post-surgical wound. Our special thanks go to Dr. Allen Rosen of The Plastic Surgery Group in Montclair, NJ, for his assistance.

Case Study: Unique Application of Portable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on a Deeper-Depth Wound

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Dog Bites

Each year in the United States, more than 350,000 dog bite victims are seen in emergency rooms (totaling about 1% of all ER visits) and approximately 750,000 bite victims receive medical attention. In addition, dog and other animal bites are prone to infection, leading to complications and longer healing times. In this clinical study, medical staff found that when compared with leaving wounds open, negative pressure wound therapy reduced the infection rate and shortened recovery time for dog bite victims.

Angry dog

Surgical Drains and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

This article (Part 1 in a two-part series) from Today’s Veterinary Practice takes a look at surgical drains used for wounds (traumatic or surgical), drains for peritoneal and pleural spaces, and drains used in negative pressure wound therapy. This first article covers indications for drain use, types, benefits & drawbacks, and common complications.

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