Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Products

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The WoundPro® Control Unit

Easy to use, fully featured and state-of-the-art electronics make the WoundPro® Control Unit ("wound vac") the right choice for both individuals and many healthcare professionals, in virtually any home or setting.

Made in the U.S.A., the control unit includes a clear and simple control panel, powerful pump, 24-hour backup system, full battery operation, carrying case, 12′ cord and many other user-friendly features.

WoundPro® Dressing Kits

Adhering to the highest standards in the healthcare market, the Basic and Advanced Series Foam Dressing Kits offer unsurpassed quality and the best materials available.

Our Dressing Kits come in two styles, Basic and Advanced, based on your budget and preference.

WoundPro® Collection Canisters for wound vacs

WoundPro® Collection Canisters

Pensar Medical offers a full array of collection canisters for both our Basic and Advanced Series Kits.  And, regardless of whether you chose the Basic or Advanced Series Canisters, your WoundPro® unit will work with every size and style.  This enables
you the flexibility to provide basic or advanced
care without having to purchase or stock two
different control units.

Our Collection Canisters come in two styles, based on
your budget and preference.

NPWT Videos – use of the WoundPro® Control Unit & dressing kit

The videos below provide an overview on how to use the WoundPro® Control Unit
and dressing kit for administering negative pressure wound therapy.

Please note: These videos are intended for healthcare professionals and do not replace
formal training or the owner's manuals for these products. For information about licensed CEU training courses on NPWT for healthcare staff, please
see our course information or contact us.

For a transcript of this video, click here.

For a transcript of this video, click here


The Pensar Medical Negative Pressure Control Unit Guarantee

Have you ever felt as if returning your Negative Pressure Control Unit for service was like sending it to a Black Hole?

And, when you call your negative pressure company, does it seem as if they have no idea of the status of your repair and when (and if) you might see ever see your unit again?

Based on your feedback about experiences you’ve had in the past with the other companies, we at Pensar Medical are changing all that, starting today with our new, exciting Control Unit Repair Guarantee.

That is how serious we are taking this issue. We realize that your control unit is not making you any money or serving any of your customers when it’s sitting in our factory waiting to be repaired, and we are putting an end to that RIGHT NOW!

When you send your WoundPro® unit to us for repair, we will:

1. Send you an e-mail confirming the day we receive your unit;

2. In two (2) full business days from the confirmed receipt time, contact you with a diagnosis of what needs repair and a firm estimate of costs (if any) to repair your unit;

3. In five (5) business days after we contact you with the diagnosis (7 business days total), we GUARANTEE your unit will be on our loading dock ready to be shipped back to you;

4. If any of the above does not happen or if your unit cannot be repaired in 5 business days, we will send you a permanent replacement unit to take its place.

Our goal and intent is to minimize your down time and to maximize the amount of time your WoundPro unit is in your hands and in perfect working order.